About Dr. Kip Litton

Dentist Davison Michigan - Dr. Kip Litton DDS

Davison Michigan Dentist, Dr. Kip Litton, has served the families and residents of Davison for over 20 years.

Working to promote beautiful and healthy smiles, Dr. Litton diagnoses and treats all types of dental-related issues, offering a wide range of general and cosmetic dental services.

Our practice has been named Best of the Best Dental Offices in the area every year since 2009. Dr. Litton not only repairs teeth and improves the oral health of his patients; he also emphasizes preventative care.

In addition to encouraging regular checkups and cleanings, he also supports an annual program to purchase unopened Halloween candy for one dollar per pound. In 2009, the dental office successfully gathered over 60 pounds of candy, which it then donated to U.S. troops serving overseas.

In 1988, Dr. Kip Litton graduated from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, where he was one of only 12 individuals named to the exclusive University Men of Michigan. Two years after earning his DDS, Dr. Kip Litton started treating patients in his Davison office, where he continues to welcome new patients to this day.

Dedicated to offering affordable, high-quality, comprehensive dental services to all members of his community, Davison Michigan Dentist, Dr. Litton provides several options designed to reduce the cost of treatments. With programs aimed at those who lack health benefits or are otherwise economically disadvantaged, Dr. Litton offers three in-house cost-sharing programs, Care Credit, and a variety of online coupons.

He also provides an annual day of free treatments to children whose families are unable to cover costs themselves. Dr. Kip Litton regularly contributes dental supplies to a number of charitable organizations.

Dr. Litton is married and has three school aged children who enjoy sports. He is an avid biker and enjoys helping raise funds in support of a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

Meet the Staff

All of the staff that work for Dr. Litton are highly loyal, trained and skilled, friendly, compassionate, patient and have gentle personalities. Most of them have been with this dental office for more than fifteen years.

Annette – Office manager & Receptionist
Sherry & Kim – Registered Dental Assistants
Tammy & Lynn – Registered Dental Hygienists

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