Affordable Dental Braces Davison, Michigan

Dr. Kip Litton is giving families $1500 off his comprehensive braces.

Details on our Affordable Dental Braces

Not confident about your smile?

You are not alone. A poll of a 1000 people was taken and asked if they were confident about their smile and fifty percent of them said they were not. This has also led many to state that they are…

Conscious Of What Others Say About Their Smile?

People of all ages believe they are treated better in social situations due to their healthy, straight teeth and bright smile. Don’t lose hope, because…

Dental Braces Are The Solution To Your Problem!

With affordable braces, it’s much easier then ever to improve your smile, straighten your teeth and make a great first impression in our image-conscious society.

So, grab a hold of this opportunity to…

Get Your Smile…

And Your Confidence Back

Dr. Kip Litton is giving his new patients $1500 off of his already affordable dental braces. If you are ready to make a great impression with your new smile, then contact the office of Dr. Litton at (810) 653-4114 and schedule your FREE consultation.

Don’t forget to mention code DKL1500 when you call.

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